Cobra Museum, An Unstoppable Force, Amsterdam, 2019

Cobra museum, Amsterdam

06.10.18 - 03.02.19

Cobra Museum and smarin invite you to the opening of the exhibition "An Unstoppable Force" on October 18, 2018 from 6 pm. Visitors of the Museum will have the possibility to discover the Sign System device and to join in this multi-player game.

Sign System

Sign System is a set of seven different forms, a construction game.
Two thick and slightly curved lines, one large and one smaller, a crescent-shaped half-circle, a disc, two curved elements, a point.

These archetypal forms of a figurative and / or ornamental vocabulary, translated into small manipulable objects, allow a game without duration or age.

play with shapes

All letters of the alphabet can be produced from these seven forms. It is about learning, or playing with the tiny writing (close to calligraphy) of all Latin languages. Play alone or together, a tactile dialogue, whose hands are the organ.
The a is made of the crescent stucked to the line, the b is the large line in front of the crescent, the c is the crescent shape alone, etc ...

play with languages

Let's add three forms and we can go from writing the Arabic language, or the Cyrillic language to that of the Latin languages ​​and vice versa, Sign System will allow this complicity between the languages, on this basis of common characters.

play with the language

To have fun composing words, to contemplate the words arrived by the manual play with the forms, to construct sentences, anagrammatic researches. To make a slow conversation.
The particularity of this 'typography' in volume is to be composed of autonomous signs to associate to form the letters of a lowercase script, and to be open to the imagination of variations beyond writing and language.

video :

CoBrA exhibition

 “An Unstoppable Force” is a big art exhibition in which the Cobra Museum explores the creativity, spontaneity of children, and asks critical questions about the surrounding myths.

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