Art Basel, Basel, 2018

Basel, Switzerland

14.06 - 17.06.2018

Barricade, a scenographic device in the context of Art Basel, Audemars Piguet Artistic Commission, HALO by Semiconductor

The visitor can accommodate himself in a wide allegoric scenery, freely and intuitively. A barricade with an ever-evolving morphology, a wall that is pleasing to be hurt against. Nowadays, while we tend to build tight borders, this installation invites everybody to deconstruct it in a meaningful way. As the flow of visitors passes by, the moving space reveals its generosity by questioning the notions of limit, exchange and hospitality.

For the 4th Audemars Piguet Art Commission, british duo Semiconductor present HALO with guest curator Monica Bello. The immersive installation invites visitors to experience particle collisions produced at the world's largest and most powerful experiment, the large hadron collider (LHC), at CERN, Geneva.

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