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Workshop & production

The smarin studio designs and manufactures a series of objects and collections from the workshops in Nice. One of the particularities of smarin is its cross-cutting and creative approach – from design to production to distribution.

All of its objects and devices are designed and manufactured in France, for the most part in the smarin workshop.

The production circuit on French territory contributes to the reduction of transport and environmental consequences.
Moreover, it guarantees the use of working conditions that are relatively unique in the world.
The close relationships with our partner manufacturers, with whom we have been collaborating for more than fifteen years, allow us to maintain a quality follow-up over the long term, from time to time. controlled production costs.

The production in short circuit, the choice of sustainable materials as well as a reflection. The constant focus on reducing transport and packaging volumes also contributes to this responsible commitment.

For more than fifteen years, our objects have been prescribed by our customers for prestigious places all over the world.