FRAC Grand Large, Relief, Dunkerque, 2019

FRAC Grand Large, Dunkerque


In November 2019, invited by the Frac Grand Large Haut de France smarin designed
the collection office. 

Based on the play YET! construction system the welcomes all types of audiences, and offers different modules that can be apprehended individually or in a group, standing or sitting in a reactive and sensitive approach.

Entitled RELIEF, the project was designed as a space for observation and discovery in
which each visitor can extend their visit at their own pace. To highlight the works of the
collection, six interactive and playful modules offer the opportunity to
feel differently.
R for Look
E for Listen
L for Read
I for Interact
E to explore the collection
F Do it yourself.

Device designed as part of an order for the Frac Grand Large

Associated collection