The geometric life

Light, durable, yet very comfortable home installation system.
Solution for the construction of structuring elements such as partition walls, bar or sofa, autonomous from the architecture.
A set of blocks of pure materials, of studied sizes and densities manufactured at hand within a sustainable production.

The whole forms the nomenclature of a hypothesis of utopian habitat.
Based on the values of :

  • non-toxicity of materials,
  • solidity of the assemblies and weight capacity,
  • easy to wash, maintain and beyond, renovate to new
  • demanding ergonomics, with adaptable heights and high elements
  • resilience potential
  • adaptability to the built space, autonomy from the architecture, and beyond the volumes of each place, therefore longevity in use made optimal despite the address changes
  • reversibility: a set can form either a sofa or a desk, or even become a wall shelf.
  • free oneself from the commitments that a classic piece of furniture implies - commitment of choice of color, commitment to functionality and space organization.