Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2018


november 2018

The BB bOunce Station is designed by the studio smarin as an exploration game.
Representing a landscape of shapes and primary colors in fabric,
it is an adventure to share as a parent / 0-2 years old child duo.
The installation allows bouncing play at 2, rocking, napping and learning to walk.

BB bOunce Station

The studio smarin focuses on the observation of interactions in a different everyday life ordinary situations, and proposes to everyone to make its invention of the moving bodies's language.

The idea is to bring body consciousness back into each automatic and mechanical gesture, to go closer to body - mind synchronization.
For this project, the studio smarin has integrated a filmmaker, a choreographer, a composer and a contemporary corps de ballet.

archetypal movements

Epi-genetic research has highlighted the close links between the body and the environment.
In constant dialogue, the landscape imposes the spontaneous establishment of archetypal movements, the evolutionary codes of human motricity, allowing the child to break in and acquire his full abilities.

the march

Although walking is a simple and automatic movement, the march is actually a function that solicits our entire body, from the nervous system (central and peripheral) to the musculoskeletal apparatus,
from sensory activity to vital currents's circulation.
Through the movements that prepare the march, the body-brain dialogue begins slowly:
two inseparable worlds are beginning to communicate

The Station Bébé Mobile - BB bOunce station is designed by the studio smarin for le Centre Pompidou
performances 9.30 am - 01.00 pm ( free, without reservation, in the limit of available seats )