Departmental Library of the Sarthe, Le Mans, 2017

Le Mans, Sarthe Department, France

September 2017

The smarins are back
and glad to announce the implementation of the experimentation
of the cultural mediation device for the public of the social welcomes
of Département de la Sarthe (Sarthe French Department)

context of the emergence of the project

Conseil Départemental de la Sarthe (Sarthe County Council) wishes to develop actions
enabling better readability of the action of libraries in direction of specific audiences,
which respond to issues related to the practice of reading.

Bibliothèque Départementale de la Sarthe (Sarthe County Library)
carries this experimental project in direction of the public of the childhood,
in conjunction with the services of the departmental solidarity
working with these audiences :
Social Action Districts, Mother and Child Protection, Children's Home.

The development of this project is based in particular on the expertise
developed within the Departmental Library
in the framework of the reading committee of the Petit Dévoreur (Little Devourer)
which brings together librarians, early childhood workers and book mediators
to propose each year a selection of 64 albums
for children, from birth to pre-adolescence.

This project is supported by DRAC Pays de la Loire
within the framework of a Contract Territory Reading.

Play YET !

Play YET ! is thought as a large-scale game :
several shapes made of wood and cork to assemble simply, to infinity.
Solid, light and easy to handle,
Play YET elements allow to build furniture :
huts, stools, bench, table, shelves, desk...
Simple, flexible, modular, it's not just a construction set.
It leads to functional construction through experimentation.

Device designed as part of an order from the Sarthe Departmental Library, organized by the Sarthe French Department, in partnership with DRAC Pays de la Loire.

Associated collection