Mille formes, BB Bounce station, Clermont-Ferrand, 2024

mille formes, Clermont-Ferrand

december 2023 - march 2024

The BB bOunce Station is a game of exploration.

Representing a fabric landscape of primary shapes and colours, this installation is an adventure shared by parents and children between 0 and 2 years old.

The installation is perfect for bouncing, rocking, napping and learning to walk.

BB bOunce Station

Smarin studio focuses on the observation of interactions in a number of ordinary, everyday situations, and invites each individual to make their own invention based on the language of bodies in movement.

The idea is to bring body awareness back into every automatic and mechanical gesture, to get closer to body-mind synchronisation.

This project involved a film-maker, a choreographer, a composer and a contemporary ballet company.

Archetypal movements

Epi-genetic research has revealed the close links between the body and the environment. In constant dialogue, the landscape imposes the spontaneous implementation of archetypal movements, evolutionary codes of human motor skills, allowing the child to run in and acquire its full capacities.


A simple, automatic movement, walking is actually a function that involves our whole organism, from the nervous system (central and peripheral) to the musculoskeletal system, from sensory activity to the circulation of vital currents.

Through the movements that prepare us for walking, the body-brain dialogue gently begins: two inseparable worlds begin to communicate.

The Station Bébé Mobile - BB bOunce station was designed by studio smarin for the Centre Pompidou and is exhibited at mille formes until March 2024.

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