Think Life Forum, International Design Forum, Paris, 2016

International Design Forum, Paris

june 2016

A Forum, the heart of the D'DAYS Festival to imagine tomorrow.
Two days of conferences / Four prospective themes
learn, care, journey, live

Stéphanie Marin will present the smarin researchs within the framework of the session care
on Wednesday, June 1rst from 11:55 am to 01:15 pm,
on the topic “the new society of wellness”.

a new era of the care

The extraordinary expansion of the development of practices to make personal
tend to make play a new role to the citizen-patients: to become actor of their own health.
How to draw a new care era combining trust and progress ?

Free access on registration online :

May 31 - June 4, 2016 / D’Days - Forum Think Life
location : Carreau du temple, auditorium
4, rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris


Kairos, an installation we can breath.

Kairos, an installation we can breathe. Kairos proposes an experiment designed for the body and mind. The Shinyshadows lights switches on and off progressively over five seconds periods. By synchronizing inspirations and expirations with these periods for five minutes, the body enters into “coherent breathing”. To install at home, at the office or in waiting rooms.

Mechanical Kairos

Mechanical Kairos is about a object, which is used to indicate the duration of the exercise of coherence breathing: the approach is individual.
Its rhythm is regulated according to comfort, or of a regulation of a therapeutist and then allows the practice in a not stressing and adapted way.
Worn on the wrist or in pocket, it transforms the clock object which was traditionally used to carry the hour, into a fetish object whose utility is to give the duration required for this exercise of recovery.


A recovery moment, inspired by a quasi-universal tradition, known in many cultures: Nap.
Nap is a simple, universal and intuitive exercise. In the NAP BAR speech is silver, silence is gold. Voices are softened, phones are closed. An experience with benefits as much psychological as physical.


The object of exhale is an object to allow people to practise a daily five minutes exercise of its breath out, to extend their blow and to develop their muscles.
It was scientifically prooved that the exercise of breath out allows working your mouth, abdomen and diaphragm muscles.


New, functional, light and solid, les Schaises are a research on the flexibility of the seat and on the wellness.
The seat is flexible, and thus
- it does not block blood circulation,
- reduces passive inactivity,
- facilitates a good posture
- and lets pass the air.