Urban Planning and Architecture Forum, Matière Grise, Nice, 2015


November 2015

Matière Grise, the exhibition
Materials / Reused / Architecture

Consume « more grey matter » to consume « less raw materials » is one of the prize of this exhibition, which question the materials as a strategy in a decisive moment when architecture aspirated to reinvent itself between economical and environmental confines. Reuse regards raw materials are not under our feet or in the other end of the world, but in our towns, our buildings, our infrastructures. Then, the material is not a waste anymore but a real capital that we have to increase the value and preserve by giving to it a second life.

This exhibition is the hypothesis that this new look on the material creates and will create a new approach of architecture and building. The ingenuity will not be only the one of the “white page” but the capacity and the opportunity of doing with what we have.


re-Play YET !

As part of the exhibition Matière Grise, smarin presents a public workshop of creation which mix Play Yet construction elements, reuse and upcycling. Cork blocks, dowels and cleats, Play Yet is a large-scale game without nails or screws, with plank and scrap wood... Play Yet becomes hybrid to build news objects starting from recycled wood. Re-used, Re-employed, Re-play!

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