Musée Matisse, OVNI Festival, Nice, 2020


29.11.19 - 29.01.20

smarin opens its workshop’s doors to present the Inside Matisse project.
This “construction workshop” is a system to compose images created by smarin invited by Claudine Grammont, director of the Matisse museum in Nice

"After observing the work of Henri Matisse, his paintings and collages also his photographic archives and correspondence, I started focusing on his studio and I began to imagine the artist and his assistants in a high creative atmosphere.
Inspired by the universe of the artist, this project is a space of both meetings and creations. Displayed in the museum, close to the works by the master himself, Inside Matisse could be seen as a new step in the understanding of Matisse’s work"
Stéphanie Marin

"For Matisse, the workshop is not only a neutral place of production, it is the framework of inspiration and drive. It is also where he displays his own work. Matisse carefully chooses his surroundings, creating a mobile environment that can be transformed."
Claudine Grammont

Inside Matisse est une palette d’objets et une quarantaine de pans de tissus de dimensions variables choisis pour leur familiarité avec la palette matissienne. Certains tissus sont unis, d'autres portent des motifs s'inspirant librement des tableaux de l'artiste, certains sont découpés et permettent de jouer avec les superpositions et de multiplier ainsi les combinaisons de décor.

The artist’s eye is substituted by a camera. The visitor’s movements and different gestures are captured and projected in real-time onto the opposite wall.
Visitors can experience not only using different colours and patterns, but playing with the construction of an environment, with its different volumes whilst living the image being made by them.

Created in the framework of smarin's philosophy, Inside Matisse is a composition system, an easy to handle and polyvalent tool for the visitor.
Mastering his/her own composition, the visitor designs the relationship between the signs, the space and the colours and feel their common resonance.

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