Milan Design Week, Goodesign, Milan, 2015


april 2015

An installation we can breathe

In Ancient Greece, the Kairos designated the immaterial notion of time, measured from feelings. A moment of opportunity.

Coherent breathing, a simple and beneficial method

The lights light and fade progressively over 5 seconds periods. By synchronizing inspirations and expirations with these periods for 5 minutes, the body enters into “coherent breathing”. A soft therapy developed and used by the medical corps.

5 minutes to reach a psycho-physiological state where coherence between the heart/lung system and the nervous system creates a positive synergy for the whole body.


These mobiles made of silk or linen are inspired from clouds.They cancel light so as to create shadows. The 4 different shapes enable the creation of modular horizons.


The mobiles create light while also creating shades, creating an intimate comfort. They can adapt to domestic needs as well as bigger projects, and combine to create organic skies.