Maif Social Club, Trop Classe !, Paris, 2021

Maif Social Club, Paris

25.09.20 - 26.06.21

For the "Trop Classe!" exhibition, which focuses on the transmission and development of knowledge and skills, smarin has designed a scenography that invites visitors to take part in the exhibition.
Our research has led us to design a place open to all, like a "public place" where people can share, exchange ideas, play, laugh, protest, philosophise and emancipate themselves.

The exhibition features works by artists invited by Fiona Meadows:
Valérie Mréjen & Mohammed El Khatib
Victor Bois
Filipe Vilas-Boas
as well as 13 multimedia creators selected by La Souris Grise.

These are the issues that will be physically addressed through our systems
- digital technology: and new forms of intelligence to be developed,
- the importance of a well-functioning body system as the basis for learning,
- language, as a condition for inclusion

Les marches :

Initially designed with Céleste Boursier Mougenot for his 2015 exhibitions at the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and at the Palais de Tokyo, Les Marches were already a response to this desire to give visitors a comfortable place in cultural spaces.
Les Marches disappear into the architecture, they are soft and flexible and offer the body the possibility of a free posture.

They are sustainable: they can be reused from one event to the next, instead of being unique and ending up as a waste at the end of this type of event.

Sign System :

The floor is patterned with a series of flat, white geometric shapes, like those used for road markings, a symbol of the framework in the public space. The B A BA SIGN SYSTEM game is free to be moved and organised. It allows you to form a series of drawings, lines, signals and characters from the Latin or Arabic alphabets, and to produce exchanges between all these notions.
The SIGN SYSTEM B A BA encourages active participation and a rediscovery of the links between words and images, and between words and space.

ipS3 :

We chose to produce a form based around ipads, machines that provide access to relevant information and educational tools filtered by the Souris Grise.
As a result, ipS3s are easy to hold in place, supporting the ipad vertically, horizontally or at a slight angle depending on the body's preferred surfing position - usually lying down or semi-lying.
The space created by the shell is useful for storing battery accessories, cables and headphones.
Its round shape is vaguely reminiscent of the Mac G3 of 1998, before the year 2000 'bug' and the network boom, when we thought AIs were going to be excellent tools.

NapBar :

A place to release tension and recharge.
The space is ideal for napping and taking a deep breath:

DUNE is a meridian designed with variable densities to help the body relax when lying down.

KAIROS, a light that varies according to the rhythm of cardiac coherence.

The idea is to think about the correct use of the physical machinery.

A good night's sleep improves memory, boosts attention, stimulates creativity and accelerates brain maturation.
Sleep and good breathing are fundamental to the proper functioning of our intelligence.