Le 109, Nice, 2017


may 2017

Five masterclasses
Always committed to research and action of upcycling (focusing on natural, healthy and resistant materials), very active in the sharing of design practice with the general public (notably by masterclasses all around the world), Stéphanie Marin created a series of five public workshops, in dialogue with the Urbanism and Architecture Forum and the 109, to hybridize a constructive furniture system of her Play YET ! creation with wood or furniture found in the very premises of the Slaughterhouses, traces of the memory of these or the activities of their new inhabitants.
Accompanied by smarin studio members , the participants of the Re-Play YET ! will dispose of many assemblable and combinable elements as an illimited construction toy. The challenge is to familiarize  with the logic of thought and action of the designer, and to freely build objects born of each other's imagination, from "mini-architectures" to the scale of the body.

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