Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design, Dubai, 2015

Downtown Design, Dubai

27 - 30.10.2015

Les Angles, a variable geometry space

The different elements of Les Angles fit together to form a pavement inspired from the mathematic research of Penrose on the solid plan.
This pavement uses two sorts of diamonds for base. Those diamonds are created using a pair of golden triangles. The shapes they take is necessarily non-periodic, giving them a singular and attractive look.
Going against received ideas, Dan Schechtman discovered in 1982 that order could be found outside the notion of periodicity in the form of quasicrystals. Almost 30 years later in 2011, he received the Nobel Prize of Chemistry for his discovery.

“My perception of the sculpted waves of the Mediterranean Sea led me to the plane structures of the quasicrystals, or Harmonia Mundi’s representations.”

Kairos, an installation we can breathe

Kairos proposes an experiment designed for the body and mind.
The lights switches on and off progressively over 5 seconds periods. By synchronizing inspirations and expirations with these periods for 5 minutes, the body enters into “coherent breathing”.

A soft therapy developed and used by the medical corps.
5 minutes to reach a psycho-physiological state where coherence between the heart/lung system and the nervous system creates a positive synergy for the whole body.

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