Centre Pompidou-Metz

05.02 - 29.08.22

​On the occasion of the exhibition
“The art of learning. A school of creators"
Center Pompidou-Metz invites smarin to design a class, transmission space, a total environment to come to inhabit and transform collectively.
The National Education, partner of the project, has planned three classes of CM2 to experience school life in this experimental place which offers new educational tools.

The education of individuals, be they children or adults, inside educational institutions or outside them, always encompasses a project of social transformation.
For some artists, the acts of teaching and learning, which cannot be reduced to a science or method, can become art forms in themselves, capable of enriching sensibilities and imaginations, as well as raising awareness of issues and the power of action.
smarin has been designing furniture, exhibitions and interiors for nearly 20 years.
Starting out from object-tools and furniture systems, it constructs spaces that are put together collectively and creates situations of inclusive interaction, offering a communal experience and inviting a reappraisal of gesture.
"What interests me a lot in the framework, created by the invitation of the Center Pompidou Metz to National Education, is the exceptional scope of the question of pedagogy. Through our preparatory research it came back that it carries within it all the projects, all the other questions of the life of a society, namely the big What ? and the big How ? The question of pedagogy is always central, but the events that run through our time such as the development of AI and digital practices, the acceleration of information and communication and, for example, the evolution of our relationship to the unknowable invest it all the more."
 For the exhibition ‘The Art of Learning: A School for Creators’, smarin designed a methodical proposal of rituals to develop disciplines in the dense pedagogical program of knowledge, such as "total commitment in an autotelic activity", development of sensitivity, the capacity for concentration, and collective intelligence in order to arm the children to face the social issues of our time.
It is called ÉCOLETOPIE.
Écoletopie makes it possible to:

    develop somatic awareness,
    coordinate as a group in order to bring the communal space to life,
    embark on autotelic activities

Ultra-mobile bouncing seats,
desks and shelves that can be built on the spot,
polyglot reversible alphabets,
a thousand shapes and colors of all scales for infinite landscapes...
smarin allows us to invent so many new interactions, postures and languages ​​to increase the expression of emotions.