• Smarin workshops

smarin workshops

smarin is a French design studio founded in 2003 by the designer Stéphanie Marin.
smarin designs, develops and distributes design projects in the fields of furniture, set design and space planning, in the entire world.

From its research and production workshops, smarin studio develops new solutions in the form of objects, installations or exhibitions.
Integrating into the team complementary skills, the studio collaborates with architects, artists, craftsmen, personalities who expand its practice.

The heart of the concept of the studio is to research and offer products made from natural and durable materials.

smarin proposes objects to reconsider the mechanisms of the gesture and find therapeutic automatisms.
smarin installation devices facilitate the invention of new postures and attitudes in public or domestic spaces.
smarin likes to work on the design of systems and stools of housing construction in order to make it suitable for the situation that is always moving.