The geometric life, France, 2020



"La vie géométrique" is our proposal for a domestic installation,
for utopian living

Geometric life aims to equip public places or domestic spaces.
All types of furniture can be made from pure materials.

Thus an armchair, if it becomes unnecessary, can be reassembled as a desk or a shelf in a few minutes.
Thus, all movable equipment can be stored in a small space.

Furniture has always imposed its dimension.
Since 2003, the smarin studio has freed itself from it.


smarin is pushing the physical limits of furniture
from structure to weight,
from assembly process to afterlife.

before the standards

We all know that regulatory standards and legislation evolve more
slowly than research.
Since 1990, smarin has taken a position upstream of practices, applying a principle of precaution to ensure that objects are designed as harmless as possible.

Refuting the classic treatments that contain endocrine disruptors, or the great currents of recycling of materials producing nanoparticles that we do not yet know how to manage.

smarin focuses its research on the invention of objects that limit their impact on the human body and the ecosystem, from a long-term perspective.

index of materials

Geometric life is a set of blocks of pure materials,
cork, oak, beech, linen, straw, horsehair, kapok

handcrafted in the smarin workshop, part of a healthy production experience.

The elements are assembled without nails or screws and form
stable and comfortable structures.
At the heart of smarin installation projects: comfort, the place of the body.