System between System

System between System set up created by smarin is presented inthe Mamac, Nice

28.05.19 - 02.06.20

In the framework of the presentation of System between System set up in the permanent collections of the museum, Stéphanie Marin propose workshops on Sign System, a game of signs, writing and language for all ages with no limits and no rules.

Sign System, a game created by smarin, is a set of 82 wood elements in seven different shapes.
Two straight lines that are thick and slightly curved, one big and one small, a semi circle in the shape of a croissant, a circular plate, two curved pieces, and a dot.
These archetypal forms of a figurative and / or ornamental vocabulary, translated into small manipulable objects, allow a game without any limitations. It is about signs, writing, language, and non-verbal communication.
Next workshop : Sunday 22the September at 03:00 pm in the framework of the Journées européennes du patrimoine.