smarin develops


smarin develops new typologies through objects designed as tools and furniture designed as systems.

These offer the opportunity to build collective invention spaces and propose inclusive moments, creating a shared experience. They also allow users to reconsider their body language and gestures and offer new therapeutic mechanisms.

Two major groups structure the smarin range :
- the free elements such as the iconic peeble cushions - Livingtones and Colorstones -, Nénuphares or Dunes make it possible to use bodily instinct whilst in motion or simply relaxing.
- the structuring elements such as the Mobileshadows or the construction system PlayYet ! that allow a creation of temporary storage, separations of nomadic spaces and play areas that are ready for all trials and tribulations.

as a result of careful observation of human interactions, smarin proposes more than 20 different collections of objects that are assembled together to create immersive landscapes in constant evolution, new spaces designed as a means of expression and creativity for everyone.

one of the particularities of smarin is its cross-cutting approach – from design to production to distribution.
Its creation process concentrates on the aesthetics of the creations, the materials used and the adequate and eff