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play YET! is thought of as a furniture system polyvalent and reversible

chemistry, physics : capable of assuming or producing either of two possible states and changing from one to the other
thermodynamics : (of a reversible change, process, etc) occurring through a number of intermediate states that are all in thermodynamic equilibrium.
ant. : irreversible

a new edition in 2019 : a large oak board (156x84x2cm) which makes it possible to transform your PlayYet! from a desk to a bench and vice versa.
The Play YET! system gives all the aspects of a comfortable and easy installation with perfectly durable materials.

adapt and create with ease
a composition of solid wooden shapes (oak boards and beech bearings) and blocks of cork are the basis of making very strong and resistant structures :
without any nails or screws, the possibilities of functional constructions are never ending : shelves, storage, desk, meridian, sofa, partitions, wooden hut…
this particular ease and adaptability to be built and unbuilt in any space, makes moving, planning spaces and any other layout changes a pure pleasure.

smarin produces and sells the Play YET! :
these elements can be sold individually or in a kit, depending on the area or budget
each kit is provided with instructions, showing that they can be made into many different combinations for which no tools are required
good quality and natural materials that are sustainable and easy to maintain
the choice in making modular furniture reduces the production and transport costs by 50% compared to conventional furniture.

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