Bounce Station, wanted design, NYC Design

New York

mai 2019

The Bounce Station is a choreographed exhibition which invites visitors to explore and perform new ways of sitting.
smarin’s researches subscribe to Microsociologyof Erving Goffman which is one of the main levels of analysis (or focuses) of sociology,
concerning the nature of everyday social interactions and body responses between humans.

smarin offers a "smicrosociology" of ‘la fesse’ (buttock) a concept of  "face" which is an important part this American sociologist
and initiates a revolution of the seating position.

Opening Celebration Party
Wednesday 15 May - Performance & concert

La Bounce Station Live and Cyril Atef aka PAPATEF
The rebound ceremony will be extended by an electro-acoustic concert.
Percussionist and drummer, multicultural (french, Irainian, American), Cyril Atef is internationally known for the congopunQ adventures and Bumcello  (a duet that he created with Vincent Segal, but also for his collaborations with GOTAN PROJECT or Matthieu Chedid - M -. He accompanied Xavier Veilhan during the Biennale de Venise in 2017.
Cyril Atef shares many things in common with the smarin studio. He has among other things composed the set up music of the Nap Bar (ArtFair Dubaï, 2016, Biennale in Saint-Etienne 2017).

Press opening (invitation only)
Bounce Station Live (participative performance, 15’, from 05 :30 am to 06 :30 pm)
Opening celebration party (invitation only)
Performance of the dancer Josephine Schütte (studio smarin) 30’, 07:30  and  Drums + Cut up improvisation

During Wanted Design
The Bounce Station
The Bounce Station, a choregraphied exhibition by smarin to experiement the bouncing.
The smarin team will be on site during the WantedDesign exhibition.
Every afternoon, live performances will be presented (depending on the number of visitors). Everyday 11 :00 am – 06 :00 pm / WantedDesign Brooklyn

Talk and danced conference
Stephanie Marin will talk about smarin’s researches in the field of care and new gestures, accompanied by a danced conference by Josephine Schütte from studio smarin.
Saturday 18 May, 05 :00 – 06 :00 PM / WantedDesign Brooklyn

Kids workshop
Creating together new body gestures by bouncing !
Kids (7 to 12 years old) are introduced to the creation of new bodily gestures from the seating position, transforming being static into bouncing
30’ workshop / Friday & Monday / 10:00 am - 12pm

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