New York Design Week, NYCxDESIGN, New York, 2015

New York

may 2015

From the 9th to the 19th of may smarin has presented the masterclass Play YET ! at Brooklyn

Stephanie Marin creates Play YET ! This large-scale construction game is a classic without screws and nails exercise of design, a completely modular using 100% natural materials, allowing versatile and intuitive development of ultra-functional objects.

The items are in cork and wood. They simply assemble, to infinity. Strong and light, manipulated by all these elements allow the construction of furniture and / or games.

Alone or with family, we can easily make livable different landscapes, reflections of our personality. Durable, functional piece of furniture that accompanies the environment, grows with it and adapt to its changes. Crib, hut, office or shelf, it evolves from room to room, from child to adult.

Convinced of the importance of sociological effects generated by the design, creating interactions Smarin is a central point in the development of its projects. The object comes to life in terms of its user and this is especially true for Play YET!, which regardless of their age appoints architects individuals.

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