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​la sChaise meets all the current criteria of ergonomics experts.
beyond, la sChaise, designed by smarin, has a seat that allows rebound.
it is the first chair that offers the possibility of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle in office work and of developing dynamism.

la sChaise is an object that provokes the invention of new postures.

posture n.:
in medicine, posture is the active process of developing and maintaining the configuration of different body segments in space.
it expresses and prepares to respond to the way the body deals with situations in the outside world.

.therapeutic objects through mecanics
in 2012 smarin started to explore in more depth the continual gestures within our daily routines.

these observations determined a number of ‘bad habits’ that can lead to wear and tear.

changing these habits and using a good practice helps maintain health capital and develop your faculties such as circulatory or muscular dynamics, and flexibility.

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