Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Nice, 2018

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Nice


Through its practice of design, smarin is interested in
mechanical and therapeutic gestures.
Several objects and proposals have emerged :

- the Sifflu, an object where we can breath. A breathing education.
- Nap Bar, a scenographic installation where to lie down and get some rest, a nap bar.
- Kairos, a lamp with rhythm to practice cardiac coherence.
- sChaises, flexible and dynamic seats that exclude sedentariness.

In 2018, smarin introduces the bOUncE clUB, an installation for dialoguing and bouncing.
This is an arrangement to place outside, like a coffee terrace.
But there is no question of waiters and business, this is a free space, to visit, to take time to explore the possibilities of interaction that are present.
The objects are organized into a geometric, colored setup that plays its part with the architecture of the place, with its dimensions, its points of view that are then highlighted by the aerial and dynamic presence of
the installation. Before the visit, at the entrance of the Bounce Club, there is a video that depicts some inventions with gestures and that introduces the visitor to the adventure of RebOUNd. He is then invited to make his own experience.

the parastore

In the places of our region, the social interaction is very strong. Eyes contacts, civilities, starting conversation, everything is allowed, everything is
admitted, in the register of our ordinary routines. The bOUncE clUB provides a simple procedure so this never-ending stream keeps flowing.
We plan to be able to choose to hold back or encourage spontaneous exchange.
The Parastore has a parasol roof in colored cotton fabric which is appreciable, essential according to the weather.
Blinds are placed on the sides.
Up, they disappear totally, down, they become small partitions that transform the space.
Lowered blind : the space around the table is closed to the sight of those who have not been invited.
Interiority, modesty, or withdrawal, privacy, detachment, concentration, so many revitalizing states for which a place in outoor is the perfect surrounding.
A neutral place, outside the house, structures related to the professional world, an inter-place, which can be chosen as decompression space, extraordinary or ritual.
Raised blind : the space is open to the probable interactions of the collective in situation.
The opening is confirmed, and so the shared expression is not only admitted but sure to be welcome.
Thus the setting becomes suitable to moments of shared euphoria, fertile exchanges, deep unions, memorable ephemeral.

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